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Apr 26 2023

Notes on Web Performance

Jul 4 2022

How to prevent CLS in Hugo

Use render hooks to automatically set width & height on Images

May 23 2022

Parse JSON with comments in Go

Apr 20 2022

Static twitter embed

Embedding tweets as plain HTML and CSS

May 17 2021

New Look

Meta update on my blog

Apr 4 2021

Stop chrome from pausing when switching desktops

Switch between desktop environments without breaking your browser

Mar 26 2021

Some youtube-dl aliases

Making youtube-dl easy to use

Jan 13 2021

Reproducible Builds

Why are reproducible buids are so important

Jan 13 2021

Automating updates on Debian

How to improve security by enabling automatic security updates on debian

Jun 13 2020

Building a Pentest lab with Docker

Lightweight lab entirely in Docker without Vmware or VirtualBox

May 19 2020

Running my website on $1 monthly

May 15 2020

Why SSH certificates are awesome

How Certificates are used by big tech companies to secure thousands of servers

Mar 8 2020

Isolating vocals from songs using Spleeter

Use AI to isolate vocals and instrumentals from songs

Feb 15 2020

Tracking documents with Canarytokens

This post goes over how you can create a document that sends an email alert every time it is opened